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Tenders Archive

Title Division Due date
Annual Rate Contract for Outsourcing of Radiology Services IIT Bombay Hospital 6 Aug 2018
Slope Stabilisation Measures at Bhanegoan Dept. of Civil Engineering 31 Jul 2018
5 Axis Milling Machine Dept. of Mechanical Engineering 29 Jun 2018
Allotment of Shop No. NSC - 9/ OSC-9/ OSC-2 ESTATE OFFICE 29 Jun 2018
600WQCW Fiber laser System Dept. of Mechanical Engineering 28 Jun 2018
Tender Notice for Ambulance Services Administration-II 29 May 2018
CORRIGENDUM (REF. ADVT. No. D-7/18-19) Admn-II 29 May 2018
X-Ray Diffraction System Dept. of Matellurgical Engg. and Material Science 25 May 2018
Thin Film Coating Unit Dept. of Energy Science and Engineering 22 May 2018
Providing labour work for various activities in IIT campus for a period of one year. ESTATE OFFICE 21 May 2018
Purchase of Fume Hood and Laboratory Furniture Department of Chemistry 21 May 2018
Development of Data Portal Platform Climate Studies 17 May 2018
PHO/HK/17-18 Public Health Office 17 May 2018
Electric Machine Test Rig Department of Electrical Engg. 27 Apr 2018
HT enabled Micro-UTM Matellurgical Engg. and Material Science 27 Apr 2018
Development of Data Portal Platform Climate Studies 18 Apr 2018
Real Time Simulator Department of Energy Science & Engineering 18 Apr 2018
Wireless Access Points Computer Centre 10 Apr 2018
Temperature Control System Department of Civil Engg. 9 Apr 2018
Field Emission High Resolution TEM Dept. of MEMS 28 Mar 2018